Friday, September 23, 2016

so  today i have been very very angry to share my blog it isnt finshed until the newer so i have been at a new location for my newist bloger i have been doing for the last 7 weaks killer holloween blog is comeing up in demo girls if you have a question describe in my blogger or my second life just send a notecard i wont able to answer your ims since i have to ingore your ims i still cant understand sometimes about your writting so if you have troubled iming me i can only take notecard:( i can record your ims and copy past it  its not right or wrong. i can. do it anytime a day a weak  if i.m not only just send a notecard dont say hi hello are you online that will dirtube me but the next person that trolls me in ims i will have to ingore you or mute you 3 weaks mute it cant be perma mute i would just be sad to never talk to  a person never again thats sad but i can answer any ones ims the point when i.m bloging i cant take the ims i only take them one outta time hun so if you have a problem send a nc or just im me one outta time i be so happy to talk to a person : ) but if you want more questions and informations you can always ask me 

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