Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hello guys  I Love Everyone here heres something you guys should do if you ya all have blender creat something cooler or experssion it will be the cooler one if you want to make $$ cash that'syour  way ai'nt mines i always wanted to be a modle but since today i am it be a way i have been nicer this to do something creative every' cool places i have seen in sl made me much modle since i hav.ient taken a pictuer for days now its not out yet until octuber the 25  i have been much busy since i cou'dnlt relate whats happeing so someone has been bothering me so you know yesterday on satuterday   well i have review this commet but at todays night i have been aim by someone from a sandbox 7 of my friends has been there but when bug got grifted i was about to leave or something  some person i dont want to say the name but if you come  to this sandbox  you know stay away from girifers they might grifer you as well so stay away from grifers just move to another sim that way you be safer heres the commet i was talking about morgana hira was really asking me something and it was in her youtube vid if you see psa with the the first 1 that should be it then you read the commet down bellow and if not you might have to send me  a nc  so after tonight in satuerday has been a crazy day for me and my friends *_* i wont explain what happen maybe  if  i  fishened my dress i have been working on

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  1. We Miss you Anna , We Are Just Too Lazy To Ever Get To Anyones Blog. Bigg Hugggsss maits